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Katie Kennedy Perez


Katie Kennedy Perez is an art advisor and market expert with over 15 years experience in the international art world. In the past she has worked for renowned auctions houses, such as Christie’s and Phillips, galleries, art spaces and since 2013 has run her own successful art advisory company. In 2018 she launched, ArtFlow an agency and think-tank specialised in developing innovative art x brand projects.

Her many years of experience working with international collectors, galleries, museums and artists have created an invaluable network and knowledge base. Katie has curated collections, commissioned art works and designed cultural strategy for hotels, banks, brands and private collectors internationally.

Today she is bringing her knowledge, network and passion to the highly innovative and creative terrain of art x brand collaboration. According to Katie, cultural hierarchies are no longer relevant and collaboration is key. Through ArtFlow, she aims to add value to brands through culturally relevant art programs and initiatives.

‘Today consumers are in search of meaning and values. Forward-thinking brands and companies know that culture is an exceptional way to build stories and create emotional connections.  It must come from a place of brand authenticity.’ 

Katie has a Masters degree in Art History & French from Edinburgh University, a Masters in Contemporary Art from the Sorbonne Paris IV and also studied at the Ecole du Louvre.

Born in Belfast in 1978, Katie is based between London and Geneva, where she lives with her husband and 3 year old twins.


Audrey Zecchin


Audrey Zecchin developed her love for art from a young age through her annual summer holidays in Venice.

She studied at the University of Geneva where she obtained a joint degree in Art History and History. Audrey also studied at the University of Sydney during her exchange year. 

Prior to joining ArtFlow, Audrey worked for an international art gallery and art advisory. 

Little known fact : As a globetrotter, Audrey just got back from 3 weeks trekking in Peru, a road trip in Kenya and her next destination will be Iran.


Clément Diaz


Clément’s interest in art began very early. He joined art school at just 15 yrs old, certain of his desire to work in the field of creativity. He graduated from the Ecole Boulle, Paris, in 2013 and then went on to obtain a Bachelor's Degree in Art and Cultural Studies from Sorbonne University (Pantheon). In 2018 he obtained a Masters in Design from the HEAD, Geneva.

Since 2014 Clément has worked as a freelance Product and Graphic designer. 

Clément brings his love of multidisciplinary thinking and creativity to ArtFlow, where he wishes to learn more about running an innovative arts based organisation.

Little known fact : For his last project, Clément developed a hypnosis process to reach his childhood memories and design objects and devices from what he discovered.