How Art transforms our Experience of Technology


Technology is now present in the very fabric of society, through fibre optics, data servers and i-phones. Indeed the applications developed around new technology, notably AI and deep learning, are changing the way we eat, sleep, work, communicate and see ourselves.

Artists have always been interested in evolving technology. From Bruce Nauman's experimental use of video in the 1960's, Dan Flavin's neon sculptures to the 'Net Art' of the 1990's. Or the recent spectacular aerial installation at Burning Man using drones, exploring the relationship between man, nature and technology and the freedom of the individual (see below).

Today more than ever art is essential as a means to understand the intangible systems which will increasingly define the nature of our existence. Art serves as a mirror of society, revealing our joys, fears, obsessions and how we understand the world around us. It also connects us to one another.

At ArtFlow, we are actively exploring the new territories opening up between art and technology.

We develop collaborations between artists, engineers, scientists and data analysts to give physical and sensorial form to new ideas and systems. These art works often feature audience participation or immersion.

Rafael Lozano-Hemmer's 'Pulse Spiral', captures the heart beat of the visitor and translates it into light pulsations.

Screenshot 2019-08-15 15.01.11.png

Semi-Conductor's 'Halo' installation translates data from Cern's Hadron Collider into light and sound patterns, making tangible the poetic dance of sub-atomic activity.

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Katie Kennedy