How to harness the digitally immersive revolution for your brand.

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Welcome to the world of digitally immersive art experiences. Why should this concern your brand?

Put quite simply, if you want to create unforgettable cultural experiences for all ages, then artists working in digital, augmented reality and virtual reality offer an incredible platform for creating connection with audiences.

From the remarkable TeamLab Borderless digital art experience in Toyko (see below image) to the recently opened Museum of Dream Space in Los Angeles, immersive art experiences are drawing huge audiences and opening up culture to the 'digitally-native' generation.

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Watch out for the first ever VR experience at the Louvre this autumn. In 'Mona Lisa: Beyond the Glass' visitors fitted with a VR head-set will be able to get close to the masterpiece in a totally new way. Can't make it to the Louvre? It will be available to view on the VIVEPORT digital platform from your home.

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Interactivity is the key

Augmented reality, virtual reality or interactive installations give audiences the opportunity to participate in the experience of the art work. Digital art gives your brand an incredible way to build connections through new concepts that revolutionize the way audiences currently experience digital channels and physical touch points.

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Katie Kennedy