How to Make Creative Partnerships Work - Grayling’s Exclusive Industry Report

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We bring you exclusive access to Brands & the Arts - How to Make Creative Partnerships Work. A highly informative survey of brand x art engagement by Anastasia Elaeva, Strategic Consultant and Creative Partnership Lead at Grayling Russia.

According to Elaeva, "It is no longer enough to provide just a good product or service. Brands need to create memorable experiences and engage target audiences around points of passion and interests, with art being a major opportunity do that.

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As more brands are putting culture at the centre of their communications, managers responsible for art collaborations should take a systemic approach, considering potential risks, thinking long term, and developing engagement strategies for both internal and external stakeholders. To create a truly cultural brand, they need to rely on art professionals’ expert counsel and to find an area where art world interests and business goals truly intersect."

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The report examines more than 40 corporate art programs exploring the diversity of initiatives and includes interviews with brands representatives.

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Katie Kennedy